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Fanfic masterlist - the 21st century is when everything changes

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Minty Coffee

September 15th, 2011

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04:06 pm - Fanfic masterlist

Doctor Who:

Together Again | All ages

What if the Dalek that appered at the end of The Stolen Earth didn't come? A twist on the end of The Stolen Earth.

A Flicker of Hope | All Ages

Post-Doomsday. Rose sees something that makes her want to find the Doctor even more.

Donna | All ages

A short poem in memory of Donna Noble.

Her Doctor | All Ages

A series of letters to the tenth Doctor from Rose's POV. Post-Doomsday.

Thanks | All ages

This is a poem I wrote that's based on 'Doomsday'.

Alone | All ages

The Doctor cries. Post- Journey's End.

My Angel | All ages

Short poem from the Doctor's POV about Rose.

Void | Teen

What if Pete didn't come?

All out of Love | All ages

After the beach on Doomsday.

Separate Ways | All ages

After he leaves Donna.

After Goodbyes | All ages

After he's gone. Twice.

Rather Carefully Planned | All ages

In which the Doctor is interuppted.

Comfort | All ages

Rose's thoughts after ''Father's Day''.

Past Shadows | All ages

That’s what he did. He breezed in and out of people’s lives, coming to rid chaos, and leaving more behind.

Bad Wolf | All ages

''I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words, I scatter them, in time, and space.''

Watching | Teen

Jack watches Rose.

Watching: Deleted Scene | Teen

A deleted scene from my fic "Watching".

She Is | All ages

Rose is. Post-Doomsday.


Right | All ages

Jack and Gwen, in the shadows.

Immortality | All ages

From Jack's POV.

Full of Grace | All ages

Oh, darkness I feel like letting go.


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